Congratulations, Thanks, and It’s Not Too Late to Submit Your Blog

Writer Mama Gold Star BadgeCongratulations to the winners so far. If your name is Angie, Lynda, Jo, Amie, Valerie, Erin, Krysty, Jane, or Cassi, your books went out yesterday. 🙂

I decided NOT to number and personally inscribe them because I didn’t know who was repurposing theirs and I suspected some might be passed on. So I just signed them. I hope this is okay! (I had to decide FAST if I was going to get to the PO in time.)

Also, they have all kinds of crazy postage on them because I was using up my stash of old postage. Thought I might as well do that before the new stamps came out in May. And that was a bit of a mad rush too because I had to do it right at the window. (Ooo, the people in line behind me must have been steaming. I couldn’t look!)

Thanks to our blog tour hostesses! The first ten were: Sage, Erin, Angela, Nathalie, Jenni, Donna, Anne-Marie, Jennifer, Cindy, and Luci. I sure do appreciate your hospitality. 🙂

Still Time to Submit Your Blog! But only a few more days…

I am still going to select ten more blogs to be part of the blog tour. If you haven’t been picked yet that doesn’t mean you won’t. And if you haven’t submitted yet, you still can through March 15th. Read this post to submit your blog for consideration.


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