This Woman’s Fabulous Blog Tour: Thank you so much, everyone!

[The title of this blog post is a play on one of the blog names that was part of the 31-day tour, see number three.]

The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway was so amazing. And so win-win-win (which you know I love if you’ve read any of my books). Here’s how:

I got to select the best blogs from those submitted for consideration. This merits a whole blog post in and of itself about all the ways we can all improve our blogging skills. (Coming soon!) For me, the decision-making process was rewarding in and of itself. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their blog.

I got to draft my first e-book! These blog tour posts tell a story I’ve been wanting to share for a long time but never found the time to focus on, since I just wrote two books back to back.

I got to connect with the great gals whose blogs were selected for the tour — though briefly because yes, as many of you have mentioned, the mere mechanics of the blog tour were a lot of work on top of all my regular work. But I didn’t mind because I chose a month when I didn’t have a lot of commitments outside home, which allowed me to have the extra energy for the blog tour.

I got to read all of your great comments and reflections, which were just great in and of themselves. I love to witness the wheels turning in writer’s brains as they weigh and measure how another writer’s experience might benefit them.

Your comments will be so helpful as I rewrite and edit the blog tour posts into a helpful e-book format. I hope that the e-book will help you and others. I’m likely to offer the e-book at a serious discount to those who commented during the 31 days of the tour because it feels like something we created together.

I get to connect with the blog tour hostesses again when I send them a token of my appreciation and a badge for their blogs, should they choose to post it. (I’ll share more about the gift later.)

And I get to connect my future blog readers to the hostesses’ blogs via a special roster in my blog roll, which I’ll get up as soon as I can.


2 Responses to “This Woman’s Fabulous Blog Tour: Thank you so much, everyone!”

  1. 1 writerinspired April 2, 2009 at 8:39 am

    How exciting, Christina! I read your comment on Robin’s tour day regarding the ebook and more! Great idea and helpful to those of us who might have missed a day or two on the tour. Thanks again for including my blog.

  2. 2 Jenni April 2, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Yes, indeed. Thanks for including my blog on your tour. What a great idea. It was fun and super informative. Congrats on a successful tour!

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