Christina Katz’ Highly Recommended Classes Help Students Get Published

It’s a great day when you hear back from a student that the agent asked for the proposal, the piece I drafted in your class got published, or platform-building efforts garnered major media results.

And you know what? I often have a great day like this. And I am so blessed to be on the receiving end of so much good news on an ongoing basis.

But now something even more cool is happening: the teachers that I have been highly recommending are sharing stories about their students contacting them and reporting the same kind of good publishing news.

Yes, even in this economy. Lots of good news! In fact, most of the writers I know are doing just fine. So if you are getting ready to give up, don’t! Sign up for classes with successful mentors instead.

As many of you know, “teacher” is one of my favorite identities (along with author, speaker and writer). So, how can I help but feel extremely proud of my fellow teachers and want to shout their collective accomplishments from the rooftops?

So, get ready, becuase here I go:

Abigail Green, teacher of Personal Essays That Get Published is  shouting from the rooftops about student Margaret Gunther’s  essay being published recently in the New York Times‘ “Modern Love” dept! Here’s the link. (I would gush about how wonderful it is, and how wonderful Margaret is, as she was once a student of mine, but I think I’ll let you draw that conclusion on your very own.)

To stay on point, here’s a little bit about how Abby walks her talk:

Abigail Green has published more than 150 articles and essays in regional and national publications including American Baby, Baltimore Magazine, Bride’s, Cooking Light, and Health. Her work also appears in the new book, “A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers.” (Adams Media, 2009). Abby holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.A. in publishing from the University of Baltimore. She writes the “Crib Notes” column for The Writer Mama e-zine and the “Understanding Personal Essays” column for Writers on the Rise. A mother of two boys, she blogs about parenting, publishing and more at

Damn, she’s good. 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about Abby’s fall class, which begins on May 6th, you can learn more here.

Sage Cohen’s Poetry for the People class was full this last time around. Her new book, Writing the Life Poetic, An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry, is out.

Here’s a success story from a former student of Poetry for the People:

“I was thrilled, elated, exalted and grateful to have my poem, “Lucy loses a limb” accepted for publication — and twice in the same day!  Lucy was written as a point-of-view assignment in your class. Thank you, Sage, for your class and your instruction!” ~ Drew M.

Here’s how Sage Cohen walks her talk:

Sage Cohen is the author of Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry, (Writer’s Digest Books, 2009) and the poetry collection Like the Heart, the World. Her poetry and essays appear in journals and anthologies including Poetry Flash, Cup of Comfort for Writers, The Oregonian, Oregon Literary Review, Greater Good and VoiceCatcher. In 2006, she won first prize in the Ghost Road Press annual poetry contest and in 2008 she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Sage writes three monthly columns on the business and craft of writing and publishes the Writing the Life Poetic blog and zine. She teaches and lectures at libraries, universities and writing conferences as well as online. Sage holds an MA in creative writing from New York University and a BA from Brown University; she believes the greatest learning laboratory is life.

If you are interested in learning more about Sage’s fall class, which begins on October 7th, you can, here.

Do I know how to pick highly qualified instructors or what? This is the sound of me patting myself on the back. 🙂

But I guess I shouldn’t sell myself short. I heard last week from a student that she reworked her proposal based on my suggestions in Craft a Saleable Nonfiction Book Proposal and garnered the interest of her top-choice agent editor. In this economy, with agents and editors being choosier than ever, that’s a major coup! She’s also been working hard on platform building and selling articles with very good success. No names or details for now, but stay tuned!

And if you are ready to draft your first book proposal, I’d love to work with you. More info on my May 6th class here.

Write on, mamas!


3 Responses to “Christina Katz’ Highly Recommended Classes Help Students Get Published”

  1. 1 Sarah April 6, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    I just wanted to say that your WPSS class was great…and I can’t wait until I can afford to take more of your classes! If possible, I would take them all. But for now, I am writing away… Thanks for all the great information and resources that you provide to all of us writer mamas!

  2. 2 Luci April 7, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Kudos to those mamas! Its great to hear encouraging news in the industry, for once. Thanks for reporting Christina.

  3. 3 Kimberely April 10, 2009 at 8:39 am

    What an inspiring post! Made my morning.


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