Dear Mamas, (Begin April Issue of the Writer Mama E-zine)

I anticipate that the economy is going to bounce back eventually. An economic upswing is inevitable. Will you be ready for it when it comes?

When the economy tanked on us, I kept the prices for e-mail classes low, even though people have told me over and over that my class prices are absurdly low. I even asked my fellow teachers to keep their prices low with me.

I think I kept class prices low for the right reasons. And even though an upswing is inevitable, I would not say it’s quite here yet.

So now I’m going to give everyone one last chance to get a good deal or deals and then it’s time to move on (and up). Let’s hope the economy swings with us.

Therefore, you can still sign up for any of my classes or classes with highly recommended instructors by June 30th and pay the old, low prices.

Or you can sign up after July 1st and pay the new higher prices.

The old price on entry-level classes was (and still is) $199 until June 30, 2009.

Ridiculously low, right? I know! I hope you will take advantage of it.

The new price on entry level classes will be $250 as of July 1, 2009. The rate for advanced classes will also increase and prices will vary.

Hre’s how our prices compare to others six-week classes on the market:

Us: $199.00

Them: $425 or $275 or $350 or $500

I will continue to offer one scholarship for Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff to one worthy scholarship applicant. But if you want to pay the lower price, don’t wait for the scholarship. The scholarship has always been intended for folks who cannot afford to pay.

We now offer a total of eight different classes, all with highly qualified and recommended instructors. Check out our newly updated classes page. I just added a sampling of feedback from satisfied students.

The economy IS going to bounce back eventually. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to choose to develop your writing skills with us. We’ll keep helping you write right through the recession. Then when the economy swings back up, we’ll all swing back up right along with it.

Make good things happen,

Christina Katz
Publisher & Editor


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