A Few Quick Announcements from Writer Mama

I’m Seeking An Administrative Assistant: I will mentor this person in his or her writing career in exchange for 10-20 / week of administrative work. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is not feeling a money crunch right now but realizes that they can benefit both by assisting me and through my consultations on writing for publication and platform development. This is job for a nonfiction writer, since nonfiction writing is my specialty. The right person for this position will be organized, conscientious, and cheerful about administrative work. (Please do not apply if this does not describe you.) Beginning fall 2009, this person will have access to free classes with me. Details will be negotiated upon selection. A minimum one-year commitment is required and you do not have to live in Oregon. Send a short cover note and a resume to me at: writermama2@earthlink.net. Resumes will be accepted for the rest of the month. The postion begins May 1st. I will announce when the position has been filled.

I’d LOVE Your Help Promoting My Books!
I went into great detail about how you can help me promote my books in the most recent issue of Writers on the Rise. What? You are not a subscriber yet? Well, you can address that here. Don’t let another issue chock-full of craft tips from seven professionals get by you!

There are a few things I’m asking readers/subscribers to do to help me promote my books as I try to reclaim my life a bit:

  • Ask your local library to order my books
  • Post rave reviews of my books online wherever you usually check reviews of books
  • Support indy bookstores by purchasing my books through them
  • Spread your enthusiasm about my books to key people

You can read the detailed request here.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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