If you have read Writer Mama, you know that I have always taught preparation, practice, professionalism, and poise as THE ways to succeed as a writing professional. None of my advice has changed. These skills are just as timely and necessary as ever. In fact, they are probably more crucial than ever since writing for publication has never been more competitive than it is right now.

Our classes offer moms the best combination: information, encouragement, opportunities for self-examination, and just enough deadline pressure to take your skills to the next level. Our classes focus on integrity, life-balance, and reasonable growth. I hope you will join us for an upcoming session.

If you need more individualized writing career advice, I’m now offering half-hour as well as full-hour coaching sessions for those who want it.

Write on, mamas!

Christina Katz

Craft A Saleable Nonfiction Book Proposal
With Christina Katz
Class Begins on May 6th
Prerequisites: Former student or Permission from Instructor
Most writers underestimate the comprehensiveness needed to craft a saleable book proposal that will garner the interest of agents and editors. They also mistake the definition of platform and importance of aligning their proposal to a solid track record. A two-time author, Christina has helped hundreds of nonfiction writers succeed over the past seven years. Now she’s making her proposal-writing advice available in a six-week e-mail course to aspiring authors who want to nail the proposal the first time around. The best way to craft a short, tight proposal that will impress agents and editors is with the help of a seasoned professional. Class not offered again until 2010.
Cost: $299.00 [Last time at this price!]
Register at www.christinakatz.com

Platform 103: Turn Your Specialty Into Course Curriculum
With Christina Katz
Class Begins on May 6th
Prerequisites: Former student or Permission from Instructor
You have worked long and hard to discover your specialty, narrow the focus of your expertise, and build your credibility, so shouldn’t you also develop a course curriculum that you can use as the starting point for years of teaching and learning from your students? Christina Katz has been doing this for eight years and in this six-week class, she’ll share all of the insights she’s learned so you can create your own class, including strategies for cultivating a following of students who succeed. Class not offered again until 2010.
Cost: $299.00 (Special Introductory Rate, Regularly $399.00.)
Register at www.christinakatz.com

Writing for the Web
With Jennifer Applin
Class Begins May 6th
Prerequisites: None
These days virtually every business and industry needs to have an online presence. With a growing trend in Internet marketing, e-commerce and online publications, the need for creating well-written web content is more important than ever. If you are looking to make a name for yourself, and a living, writing for the web, then this course can help you. Students will learn how to develop a writing style that is suitable for the web; provide a variety of services (online articles, website content, blogging, editing, etc.); establish a fair rate and avoid scams; find paying assignments and secure steady accounts.
Cost: $199.00 [Last time at this price!]
More/Register at www.christinakatz.com

Personal Essays that Get Published
With Abigail Green

Class Begins on May 6th
Prerequisites: None
The popularity of reality shows, blogs, and tell-all books proves that it pays to get personal these days. Whether you want to write introspective essays, short humor pieces, or first-person reported stories, your life is a goldmine of rich material that all kinds of publications are pining for. Personal Essays that Get Published will teach you how to get your personal experiences down on the page and get them published. Students will learn how to find ideas, hone their voice, craft solid leads and endings, reslant their work for different markets, and submit their essays for publication.
Cost: $199.00
[Last time at this price!]
More/Register at www.christinakatz.com

Invest In Your Writing Career Today & Reap Greater Rewards Tomorrow.


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