The Ultimate Compliment for any How-To Author

Well, mamas. I have heard rumors of book looking all dog-eared and decked out in post-it notes. But I had never actually had the pleasure of seeing one, until Diane brought hers to my presentation at the Covington branch of King County Libraries for me to sign.

This picture doesn’t really do the condition of the book justice. So I was on Facebook and asked if any other writer mamas had a book in a similar state, and I received a couple of pictures from Andrea. 🙂

I’m sharing the joy of the compliments here. I’m sure any other how-to writer would feel just as proud.

And sure, if you have a dog-eared copy of Writer Mama and you would like to snap a photo and send it in, I’ll add yours to the collection. Send ’em on in to:

I might be teetering on self-indulgence here…or maybe we could just chock it to a writer-mother’s day presents.






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  1. 1 Jennifer May 6, 2009 at 7:52 am

    This post reminds me of when I went to hear Pat Conroy speak. He is my favorite author and I brought a Target bag of his books with me. They had all been read multiple times and were in terrible shape. The cover was off one, the pages were waterloged in another. The only one that was in good shape was the book that I had recently bought a second copy because the first one had fallen apart. I was embarrassed as I set the books on the table for him to sign. I apologized profusely and he told me that I had just given him the biggest compliment that a writer could get. He spent extra time talking to me and thanked me again for loving his books. So, I don’t think it’s just how to authors, I think any author feels that way.

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