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Here’s a round-up of success stories shared in this blog, in case you don’t check the “Success” page on a regular basis:

From Leila M.:

I’ve been a technical writer for 12 years, and I’ve dreamed of being a freelance writer for magazines for most of that time, but I was scared to pitch editors. I took WPSS this winter, and I wrote a few short articles that I was pleased with, but I still couldn’t bring myself to click the Send button.

In March, I started Christina’s Pitching Practice class, and a couple of weeks later, I was laid off from my technical writing job. I decided it was time to get serious about this freelancing dream of mine. After six weeks of Christina cheering me on, I had six completed query letters that I was proud of. Last week, I finally clicked the Send button on my queries, and within hours I received my first acceptance. My first article will be published at the end of May, and the editor wants me to write for her again!

As for my WPSS articles that I was too scared to send, they’re now posted on my website as writing samples to show editors what I can do.

Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement, Christina! I wouldn’t have come this far, this fast, without you!

Heidi L. also wrote:

Hi Christina,

In high school, I promised myself I’d publish something by the time I was thirty. A year before that deadline, I took your WPSS class. In the July/August issue of MomSense magazine (August was my birthday), I had some “short stuff” published!

Thank you for doing what you do!

Deb S. recently wrote:

Hi Christina,

Just a note to say how much I appreciate that you make your students feel connected with you long after class is over. I have taken other courses online, and we were not allowed to share contact info or even to email the instructor. With you, we can continue to learn from you whether in a class or not, and I love it!

For my Writer Mama brag, I’ll say that I’ve now placed two articles I drafted in your class, with one of the editors emailing to say “We love hearing from excellent local writers. What else do you like to write about?” WOOHOO

🙂 Hey, they don’t call me a “gentle taskmaster” for nothing.

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