Date Change: Are You a Specialist or a Generalist? Webinar

Catch my first Writer’s Digest Webinar!

Please Note: Date Change Tuesday, October 13th

Author Webinar Are You a Specialist or a Generalist?

Evaluating Your Skill Set to Get Published in the New “Gig Economy” by Christina Katz (60 minutes)

What are your skill sets as a writer, and how do you evaluate them? How do you decide whether to specialize or generalize? You need to establish a strong direction for your development as a writer to survive in the changing times of publishing. All registrants will take a pre-quiz called “What’s Your Specialty?” designed to help you start identifying your strongest sources of expertise. This live event will offer:

  • Tips and paths for both specialists and generalists, and how to get started
  • Examples of writers’ websites (both specialist and generalist)
  • How to combine a specialist and generalist approach
  • Your chance to jump-start your career using the same strategies as the pros
  • Opportunity to ask Christina Katz your questions about platform development

Bonus: All attendees receive a copy of Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz. I bet many of you have not done a webinar before but there is really nothing to it. You just show up in front of your computer at the scheduled date and time and watch the images I display on your computer screen while listening to my voice in real time. You can even type in questions for me to answer during the Q&A period. More info.


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