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Stuff Going On (Brought to you by Christina Cleans Out Her Inbox)

Mary Jo Campbell is hosting an essay contest on her blog, Writers Inspired:

Topic: Honor Your Father
$0 entry fee, 300 word count limit
Deadline: (one week!) Friday, June 12 midnight
Winner will receive autographed paperback book:  “Checklists for the New Dad”, by Joe Deyo
and winning essay will be posted on Writers Inspired

See my blog for full details/guidelines and exclusive interview with author, Joe Deyo

Laura Bridgwater has another hilarious essay on the radio:

“Summer Locusts Plague Kitchen” will air on June 8 at 6:35am and
8:35am on KUNC. You can listen live via the radio (at 91.5FM) or
live via the Internet (at The tape and transcript
will also be available at

Deb Schneider interviews me for a King County Library Podcast

Listen here. It’s about nine minutes. If you listen long enough you can hear me lose my train of thought. 🙂

Rock N’ Roll Mama Lindsay Maines wanted me to pass on this message:

Hey you guys!

Many of you know I’ve been working with S-Curve Records for the launch of Diane Birch’s debut, “Bible Belt.”  I fell in love with her sound in February, and agreed to consult- it has been a dream job. Yesterday, when her record dropped, it got even cooler. This new artist, 25 years old, debuted at #10 on the ITunes album chart. She had Eminem, Dave Matthews Band, and Kings of Leon above her, but not much else.:) It’s mind boggling.

Also yesterday, we launched a campaign for Diane’s debut called “Discover and Download”. D&D uses a widget, customized for 6 charities. Every time someone buys the album through the widget, ONE DOLLAR is donated to the charity of that person’s choice. You can display the widget on your Facebook profile, in your blog sidebar, or the social media site of your choice. It’s a way for Diane to give back to SOS Children’s Villages, a charity that helps orphans in Zimbabwe. She spent a lot of time there, as a missionary’s daughter, and feels strongly about that cause. I chose the Susan G. Komen Foundation badge for my blog, because of my mom’s and MILs battles. Other choices are March of Dimes, Share Our Strength, Autism Speaks, and keep a Child Alive.

PLUS, who ever raises the most money for charity through their widget by June 23, 2009, will win a FREE PRIVATE PERFORMANCE in the winner’s hometown!! (We’ll even throw in a few  refreshments.) More albums sold means more money donated. How cool is that?

If you’d like to get involved in this project, here’s how: Bloggers, please feel free to use this widget, and/or do a post to make others aware of this unique program. If you choose to do a post, I’d so appreciate you sending me a link so I can help promote it via Twitter and FB. Please use the URL below for any links in your post.

Social networkers, please post this on your profile, if you like Diane’s music and want to pass it on.

Here’s the link to the widget site, where you can choose the one that fits your needs.


Summer Blog Tour Thanks and Some Writer Mama Thanks Too

I’ve been blog touring for Get Known Before the Book Deal. Thanks to everyone who hosted me this past week!

I hope that bloggers or writing groups or just groups of friends who write will team up and use Get Known to work on platform development in the long haul because platform development is a process just like writing. 🙂

Christine Fonseca over at The Musings of Christine Fonseca

Wendy Burt over at Ask Wendy–The Query Queen

Debbie Simorte over at Writer Up — Writing the Life Chaotic

Shonna Slaton over at Routines for Writers

Kim Zook over at Zook Book Nook

Social Media Maven Meryl Evans hosted me over at and featured two of my e-zines in Web Worker Daily.

Also, I was rushing to prepare for my trip a couple weeks ago and didn’t provide links, so here’s more thanks to the folks who helped kick off the summer blog tour:

Diane from Contentedly Neurotic.

Lindsay Maines, the Rock n’ Roll Mama

Liz Sheffield’s blog, Motherlogue

Pamela Maynard at Pamela Maynard’s Pen

Lindsey over at The Write Words posted a review of Get Known.

I’ve done my best not to leave anybody out. Holler if I’ve missed anyone!

And thanks to Rebecca Laffar-Smith for hosting a Writer Mama book giveaway in May!

The great reviews of Writer Mama keep rolling in. Here’s one by Lara Dolphin over at

Butterfly Baby included Writer Mama in a great round up of books to read this summer in the blog Pregnancy and Motherhood. She wrote:

In an effort to remain focused on writing and building that business, I purchased a few books. I’ve only started to read the Writer Mama first, but so far, I’m loving it. There’s a great friendly tone to it, almost as if a girlfriend is guiding me on which way to go with this new venture. It’s extremely educational and is a great guide through the business as well as a mentor on how to get published.

I’ll end with some kind words from Meg over at mamaguilt in Queensland, Australia:

I’m reading Writer Mama, and it’s changing the way I view my life.

Freelance writer Christina Katz delivers nearly 300 pocket-sized pages of wisdom that will help any writer, not just the mamas among us. Most writers can benefit from advice about how to work from home, be your own boss, build on your strengths, and follow your interests. I read Katz’s Get Known before the Book Deal as research for an article I wrote for WQ, and read in conjunction, Katz’s two books have inspired me to create a framework to organise my writing activites. I devote time to research, generating ideas, networking, and creating opportunities, as well as the actual writing.

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