Still A Little Room Left: Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff Begins Wednesday, August 12th

I have been teaching writing classes for eight years and teaching writer mamas for three years. Helping moms achieve published is one of the most satisfying parts of what I do. I never get tired of hearing about article publications, writing career accomplishments, and in the past couple of years–book contracts!

If you are a mom and you are looking for helpful instruction and regular deadlines to get your writing career in gear, I hope you will check out WPSS. One of the biggest benefits of the class is the feeling of camaraderie that students experience with other participants while practicing valuable skills.

I’m pleased to let you know that there are still a few spots left in the upcoming Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff class. Here’s what recent students have had to say:

Christina teaches as a wise friend of the new writer; encouraging through little steps, nudging the timid along, leaving each student thinking, “Gee, I really am a writer!”

~ Johannah B., Bellingham, WA

What I particularly appreciate about Christina Katz’s class is that her teaching style is very inclusive. There is no Great Divide of “I am The Expert and you are The Peon.” Rather, she enthusiastically communicates, “I am an Expert, and you can be one, too.”

~ Sage C., Portland, OR

The WPSS workshop provided me with confidence, commitment and camaraderie. It was just what I needed to get myself to take the leap of submitting my work to publications.

~ Liz S, Shoreline, WA

As a busy mom trying to break into freelance writing with four little kids running around, Christina’s course was exactly what I needed! The feedback was great and the classroom atmosphere kept me on track. I’ll definitely be applying her lessons for years to come!”

~ Jennifer A., Toledo, OH

Busy moms, are you longing to break into a career as a freelance writer? If so, I highly recommend Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff with Christina Katz. You will learn how to earn money writing fillers and short articles, how to research markets, and how to write cover letters, all while polishing your writing skills. The class is fun, and Christina is encouraging, thorough, and professional. Do something for yourself and invest in your dream!

~ Caroline Y., Houston, TX

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