Writing for the Web: Remember the Benefits

By Jennifer ApplinJennifer Applin
Throughout the year we’ve covered some of the specific ways writing for the web differs from writing for print publications. Learning new techniques and considering different marketing strategies may seem like a hassle and you may be asking yourself, “Why bother?”
Studies have shown that more and more people are turning to the web to get their news and information. In case you need a little convincing that writing for the web is worth your time, remember some of these additional benefits:
Work is published faster. That means you’ll have   your published credit (or clip) sooner, as well as your payment.
There is a need for content in all areas. A quick search of your desired topic can provide instant results of potential markets.

It is easy to share your online work with potential clients and editors. You can simply send a link to your piece instead of mailing a photocopy of your published print article.

Editors may be more approachable. There are a lot of “rules” to consider when trying to break into print publications. Since writing for the web is still fairly new, many of the web content editors have not been bombarded by freelance writers looking for work and therefore may be easier to approach.

You can do your research right at your desk. You don’t need to make a trip to the library to review back issues of the publication. Everything you need to analyze the site and its content is as close as your laptop.   

My suggestion is to take everything you’ve learned and everything you will learn in the future and apply it to what works for you. Being genuine and creating your own unique journey is the true key to success in this business.

Jennifer Applin is a freelance writer living in Ohio with her husband and four young children. Aside from writing for many regional publications, she is regular contributor to eLearners.com and Projectworkingmom.com. She spends her days cooking, cleaning and caring for little ones; and her nights writing about pregnancy, parenting and the quest for peace (as in peace and quiet). You can also find her at Managing the MotherLoad.


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