Fit To Write Tips: Get Grateful

By Kelly James-EngerKelly James Enger and son
Last month, I talked about the benefits of having an inspiration file. Inspiration is critical to your success, certainly. But this month, it’s the perfect time to go a step beyond that – and think about what you’re grateful for. This applies to both your health and your writing career.
One recent study found that college students who focused on what they were grateful for (as opposed to those who simply recorded events that had happened or things that had annoyed them) experienced better mood, more sleep, and fewer colds than their peers. So feeling grateful may boost your immune system as well.
I admit, it’s hard to feel grateful sometimes — like when my strained calf keeps me from running. But then I remind myself to appreciate the fact that I’m not immobilized – and I can still bike at the gym, even if it’s not nearly as fun. Looking for that proverbial “silver lining” can keep you feeling grateful this Thanksgiving season – and the rest of the year as well. 
Author, speaker, and consultant Kelly James-Enger is a certified personal trainer and the author of books including Small Changes, Big Results: A 12-Week Action Plan to a Better Life (with Ellie Krieger, R.D.). Her book, Ready, Aim, Specialize! Create your own Writing Specialty and Make More Money, is aimed at novice freelancers; Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money helps experienced writers boost their bottom lines. Visit  for free articles about freelancing and more information about her.

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