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Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz                 Writer Mama by Christina Katz    
Do you have signed copies of both of my books? If not, please consider this “prize inside” signed book promotion offer.

I am selling ten signed copies of each book at the cover price plus shipping. 

My husband, Jason, has taken these copies and slipped prizes into six of the twenty  books.

When I receive an order, I will pull a book out of the pile (I don’t know which books have the prizes in them), custom inscribe it, and pop it in the mail.

Six random winners will get two of each of the following prizes at no extra cost:        
A one-hour writing career phone consultation
A half-hour writing career phone consultation
A free, signed copy of my other book
When your book arrives, check page 150 to see if you are a winner!

More details are here (for Writer Mama) and here (for Get Known).    

Offer expires July 31st or once all twenty books are sold, whichever comes first.

Thanks for spreading the word to your friends who might not yet have a signed copy of their very own!


Day Two of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Giveaway

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Today, the Writer Mama story continues over at Erin Barrette Goodman’s blog, Exhale. Return to Center.

Here’s what Erin has to share about her blog:

My blog is an extension of the return to center yoga classes and retreats I lead for mothers. I write about life as a writer, our family’s adventures in small scale homesteading, and finding center while caring for two young children. I also host regular interviews and giveaways that highlight the work of people who inspire me. Most of my readers are mothers (though I just learned that I have a 14-year-old fan who reads my blog every day!).

I chose the blogs for the blog tour for various reasons. I like that Erin posts to her blog daily Sunday-Friday. I also noticed that Erin’s commitment to her blog is reflected back to her in reader participation made evident by regular commenting.

Please join me over at Exhale. Return to Center today’s chance to win a copy of Writer Mama!

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