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Writer Mama Featured in the Wow-Women On Writing’s Holiday Gift Guide

Editors and readers selected the books to include.

Thanks for choosing Writer Mama!

To download the guide, visit

Coincidentally, someone e-mailed me today and said that Writer Mama was referred to her as, and I quote, “the best writer book, ever.”

Thanks for the compliment, Aline!


Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: Lots for Writer Mama this week

Look for me in the July issue of Health Magazine. I am quoted by the lovely Gretchen Roberts in her article, “Making Time for Me,” saying something very profound (I’m sure). And my picture is there too. At least it’s here.

Someone anonymous over at Freelance Writing Jobs likes me, I mean, Writer Mama, enough to put us in a list of “Ten Great Resources for Writers.” Thank you very much!

Tacy gave Writer Mama an amazing review, the 22th, over at

I got a TON of fan mail and success e-mails this week (Hello? What is going on???). I think karma is getting faster. Last week I expressed some gratitude and this week it came back in spades in boomerang affect. Love that.

In fact, here a little gratitude coming right back at me from Lisa, who added me to her “Thanks Ranks” (I’m telling you, this is spooky). And a couple other friends participated in the gratitude party, Jen over at Highliners and Homecomings and Round the Clock over at Charlotte Parent.

My editor contacted me this week to say that there was a spike in  sales of Writer Mama last week. I spotted someone over at A Wasted Word is a Wasted Day adding Writer Mama to her recent purchases. Thank you for telling all of your friends!

More gratitude coming soon. 🙂

I’m off to enjoy the weekend with the fam’. You gotta love summer.

I’m Steppin’ Out This Month: Event Schedule

Well, it sure has been busy around here with the second book rewrite and my full class schedule with all my awesome and hard-working students. But I’m steppin’ out a few times this month and there is nothing I like better than hanging out with other writers when I do. In fact, there probably isn’t a better time to catch me this month (cuz my plate is overflowing with good things!).

So, if you’d like to connect, please consider attending these awesome events!

Saturday, May 17th: The SCBWI-Oregon Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon on May 16th-17th. I will present on the topic: “Forget Features: Write Short and Get Published.”

Saturday, May 18th: The Northwest Author Series Presents Susan Fletcher, Author of Alphabet of Dreams, at the Wilsonville Public Library from 3-5 p.m. Cost: $5.00 at the door.

I will be in L.A. for the Writer’s Digest/BEA Conference on Wednesday, May 28th. I know a couple readers of this blog will be there and I can’t wait to meet them. (I’ll talk more about this later…)

Hope to see ya!

Marco, The Musical! Don’t Miss It!

Jason and I dashed Samantha over to a friends and then zipped up into the city to see the fabulous Marc Acito perform Marco, The Musical!

Actually, we zipped a bit too much and overshot our turn. Someone who knows please tell me why men get so upset about getting lost?

Fortunately, I finally asked my (exhausted, so I cut him some slack) husband to please stop so I could ask a nice fellow who was loading his bike into his car (this is Portland after all) where we went wrong.

And, what do you know, we got there. On time and everything. (Honey, I hope you are reading this but somehow I think you are too busy with your play that opens this week.)

Anyway. We got there. And we were so glad we did. Even Jason has to admit that it was totally worth getting slightly lost for the pleasure of an evening of laughing uproariously.

My absolute favorite part was a song that Mark sang (and wrote, I imagine) called, “I’ll be there for you.”

OMG, hilarious! I was dying!

So, my dear reader. If you live in any of the following places, I hope you will cancel all of your plans and make an evening of enjoying time with Marc Acito: [These dates edited on May 5th to just the list of “singing,” complete list of appearances here.]

Seattle – Elliott Bay Book Co; May 6 at 6pm (book “singing”)

LA – A Different Light Books; May 7 at 7pm (book “singing”)

NYC – Barnes & Noble; May 12 at 7pm

Menlo Park, NJ – Barnes & Noble; May 13 at 7pm

Beaverton – Borders; May 20 at 7pm (book “singing”)

Cannot WAIT to read Attack of the Theater People. I will definitely post an Amazon review as soon as I do.

I hope you will read it and post a review too. And definitely see Marc, if you get a chance.

We all need to laugh uproariously sometimes.

If you just can’t make it to an appearance, you can always read Marc’s hilarious blog or just check out his Hair Museum at his website.

Go, Marc! Hope to see you on the bestseller list soon.

CoolStuff4Writers Intervew

Thanks to Sandy over at for inviting me to do an interview for their newsletter/site.

You can read the interview here.

And check out their “cool stuff” while you are over there.

Here’s a cool women writers mug.

The women writers book bag is cool.

And here’s a Jane Austen mug.

Great prices!

Have fun.

WM Book Review from “Hands down, a treasure!”

Thanks to Allena Tapia. It’s always a great feeling to know that your hard-wrought words are in the hands of conscientious and appreciative reader.

This review is one of the best my first book, Writer Mama, has received yet. 🙂

Which only fuels my fire to work twice as hard on my Get Known Before the Book Deal rewrites, which I have received back from my editor.

The best part of my editor’s feedback on my forthcoming second book?

“This is exactly the book I’d want to give to every writer at a writing conference.”

Yes! Onward…

Review and Successes

Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids by Christina KatzThere is a new review of Writer Mama over at the Reading and Writing Lounge blog. 🙂

And a couple of new success stories (scroll down) from Joanna and Andrea on the Success Stories page of this blog.

Do you have a success story related to Writer Mama or a class with Christina Katz? Share your success with us!

It’s a great opportunity to appreciate all of your hard work and celebrate it with other writer mamas!

Post it here (in the comments).

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