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Thank you, Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Giveaway Bloggers!

You are the proud new owners (almost, I mean as soon as I mail them) of a gorgeous Writer Mama bumper sticker! That’s right. Everyone wants one. But you are getting one. 😉

Here’s what it looks like:

Writer Mama Bumper StickerYou will also receive this badge as a token of my appreciation of your blog:

Writer Mama Gold Star Badge

Thanks so much again for participating!

Give me a couple days to send everything out, my hubby’s at a conference for a few days, so early next week looks better than tomorrow. 😉

And p.s. I’ll have some bumper stickers available for a little less than they cost on Café Press. Let me know if you’d like to order one by e-mailing me at “writer mama at earthlink dot net.”

[Blog banner/bumper sticker and blog badge designed by Burton Haun.]


Where The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway Has Been Lately

Have you been keeping up with the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway?

If you missed any of the days, never fear. I’ll list them here so you can follow the story:

Day one: Sage Cohen’s Writing the Life Poetic blog (the post & the winner)

Day two: Erin Barrette Goodman’s Exhale. Return to Center (the post & the winner)

Day three: Angela Giles Klocke’s This woman’s beautiful life (the post & the winner)

Day four: Nathalie Hardy’s Nathalie’s Notes (the post & the winner)

Day five: Jenni Crain’s Write the Journey (the post & the winner)

Day six: Donna McDine’s blog, Write What Inspires You! (the post & the winner)

Day seven: Anne-Marie Nichols: A Mama’s Rant (the post & the winner)

Day eight: Jennifer Applin’s blog: Managing the Motherload (the post & the winner)

Day nine: Cindy Hudson’s blog: Mother-daughter Bookclub (the post & the winner)

Day Ten: Lucia Anderson’s blog: Divinely Written (the post & the winner)

Day Eleven: Mary Jo Campbell’s, Writer Inspired (the post & the winners)

Day Twelve: Lisa Romeo, Lisa Romeo Writes (the post & the winner)

Day Thirteen: Liz Lewis’, Write To Travel (the post & the winner)

Day Fourteen:
Tricia Grissom’s, Coffee & Critique Writers Group (the post & the winner)

Day Fifteen: Kerri McLoughlin Mother Writer!@#$ (the post & the winner)

Day Sixteen: Katie Leonard, The Dundee Writer (the post & the winner)

Day Seventeen: Cyndi Lopez’, So Much More Than a Mom (the post & the winner)

Day Eighteen: Kathleen McDade’s TechnoEarthMama (the post & the winner)

Day Nineteen: Meryl Evans, Meryl’s Notes (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty: Christina Fonseca’s The Musings of Christina Fonseca (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-one: Kim Zook’s Zook Book Nook (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-two: Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young’s Cross Your T’s (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-three: Andrea White’s Blogging Mama (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-four: Hope Clark’s C. Hope Clark (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-five: Judy Miller’s The International Mom (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-six: Sue Lick’s Freelancing For Newspapers (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-seven: Julie Steed’s Emerging Author (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-eight: Erika Dreifus’ Practicing Writing (the post & the winner)

Day Twenty-nine: Caroline Grant’s Food For Thought (the post & the winner)

Day Thirty: Dena Dyer’s Mother Inferior (the post & the winner)

Day Thirty-one: Robin Mizell, Treated & Released (the post & the winner)

Scroll down to read about today’s featured blogger…

This Woman’s Fabulous Blog Tour: Thank you so much, everyone!

[The title of this blog post is a play on one of the blog names that was part of the 31-day tour, see number three.]

The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway was so amazing. And so win-win-win (which you know I love if you’ve read any of my books). Here’s how:

I got to select the best blogs from those submitted for consideration. This merits a whole blog post in and of itself about all the ways we can all improve our blogging skills. (Coming soon!) For me, the decision-making process was rewarding in and of itself. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their blog.

I got to draft my first e-book! These blog tour posts tell a story I’ve been wanting to share for a long time but never found the time to focus on, since I just wrote two books back to back.

I got to connect with the great gals whose blogs were selected for the tour — though briefly because yes, as many of you have mentioned, the mere mechanics of the blog tour were a lot of work on top of all my regular work. But I didn’t mind because I chose a month when I didn’t have a lot of commitments outside home, which allowed me to have the extra energy for the blog tour.

I got to read all of your great comments and reflections, which were just great in and of themselves. I love to witness the wheels turning in writer’s brains as they weigh and measure how another writer’s experience might benefit them.

Your comments will be so helpful as I rewrite and edit the blog tour posts into a helpful e-book format. I hope that the e-book will help you and others. I’m likely to offer the e-book at a serious discount to those who commented during the 31 days of the tour because it feels like something we created together.

I get to connect with the blog tour hostesses again when I send them a token of my appreciation and a badge for their blogs, should they choose to post it. (I’ll share more about the gift later.)

And I get to connect my future blog readers to the hostesses’ blogs via a special roster in my blog roll, which I’ll get up as soon as I can.

Day Thirty-One of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Today I’m over at Robin Mizell’s blog, Treated & Released.

Robin is an agent who is very savvy about technology and very motivated to work with new, promising authors.

It’s not often that I recommend a “green” agent. But Robin is an exception. And if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ll understand what I mean.

I can’t wait to see her at the Writer’s Digest/BEA Conference in New York City. We’re going to hang out at Book Expo America afterwards too.

The other thing I like about Robin is her sense of humor. Just look at her blog. See how it says “Robin Mizell (Un) Ltd.”? See where she wrote “97% transparent“? That’s funny!

Come on over to Robin Mizell’s blog, Treated & Released and celebrate the final day of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway with us

Day Thirty of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Today I’m over at Dena Dyer’s Mother Inferior blog.

First off, I love the title of this blog. What mother doesn’t feel “inferior” from time to time?

It seems we all have confidences issue that can cause imposter syndrome to rear its ugly head when we least appreciate it.

And mamas, this is totally normal and Dena is here to remind us.

In her own words, Dena’s blog is about parenting, religions, writing, and other “deep” topics (but always with a light touch). I write to encourage women they’re not crazy, they’re not alone, and they can make it through the crazy years–with their sense of humor (and sanity) intact.

Please join me over at Mother Inferior for the second-to-last day (already?) of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway!

Day Twenty-Nine of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Today I’m over at Caroline Grant’s blog, Food for Thought.

I was fortunate to meet Caroline at the Associated Writing Programs Conference in February, where she was on a panel with a group of other wonderful representatives from Literary Mama, the wonderful online literary magazine for the maternally inclined.

I always wondered what the women from Literary Mama would be like and I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet them, though it was way too brief.

But I was happy that I got to be there for the announcement that Caroline would become the new Editor-in-Chief of Literary Mama. So congratulations to Caroline!

Caroline says, “Food for Thought is my family blog, where I write about my kids, our meals, what I’m writing and reading. It’s for anyone interested in the daily life of a writer mama who likes to cook a bit, too.”

Come on over and join me at Food for Thought today!

Day Twenty-Seven of the Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway

A chance to win a copy of Writer Mama every day in March 2009!

Today I’m over at Julie Steed’s blog, Emerging Author.

One of my favorite things I get to do as a writing instructor is working with students over time. Julie Steed is one of those students I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several times. I always appreciate her determination, commitment and steady, patient effort.

I wish I could tell you there was something more glamorous that would pay off in the long run but I can’t. It’s really just patient steady effort that takes any writer from point A to point B.

Or in Julie’s case, from point A to point somewhere-in-the-middle-of-the-alphabet. 🙂

About her blog, Julie says, “I blog about trial and error as a writer, the learning curve involved, and emotions involved. I like to leave posts open-ended in an attempt to provoke thought in my readers. I write for others who are already committed to writing. I see it as a way to share the experience of success and the need to try again and again (and the range of emotions that come with that.) My blog is a growing work in progress, like my career.”

Thanks for joining me today over at Emerging Author where we’ll be discussing the author questionnaire.

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