village-books-b.gifChristina Katz’ Creative Manifesto:


1. Stretch a bit and your career will surely grow.

2. Have fun at work or, at least, take a break and play, so you don’t get burned out.

3. When the going gets tough, call a fellow writer mama.

4. When good things happen, slow down and savor the moment. It takes effort to make good things happen, so you must have earned it!

5. Learn. Dare. Explore.

6. Choose a target. Take aim. Then move steadily towards it.

7. Repeat after me, “I can do it if I take baby steps.”

8. Don’t make time for baloney. You’ll find out pretty quick what qualifies.

9. Tomorrow, aim a little higher than you did today.

10. This above all: Trust your instincts. 🙂

Don’t forget to write your own CM and post it in your blog. 😉


8 Responses to “Manifesto”

  1. 1 pksnappy March 14, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Oh I love this list. Especially the baloney. Just what I needed to see right now!

  2. 2 isisinLeaburg April 15, 2007 at 5:14 am

    Congrats, Christina, on all your launches! Love the manifesto. Every writer should have one. I appreciate that you included “fun” and “baloney.” Embrace one; ditch the other.

  3. 3 Tania May 21, 2007 at 6:44 pm

    I want to start a Writer Mama support group for women in my area who are writers and mamas, I would love to use your book and your manifesto as part of our guidelines. Let me know what you think.
    Tania L. Baker
    Love love love your book!!!!!

  4. 4 Cindy Ferraino September 5, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    I love the list but #10 sums everything up-trust!

  5. 5 The Writer Mama September 28, 2007 at 11:50 am

    Thanks, ladies.

    Absolutely, use my tips. And make up your own too!

    It’s a revealing process.

  6. 6 Hillary Isaacs Johnson November 12, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Hi Christina,

    Hillary Issacs Johnson, fellow Columbia alum, here…

    Thanks for coming out to Columbia to read from “Writer Mama” during creative non-fiction week. (Thanks Sam Weller.) I read the piece near the end of the event about my Father’s pacemaker being put in…I’m not sure if you were still there for it…

    I love what you are doing. It’s awesome. I’m freelancing too ad have a 9 year old step-daughter…writer mama’s rule!

    Drop me a line and let’s talk.

    Best wishes and happy writing,


  7. 7 The Writer Mama February 4, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Hey, thanks Hilary. I remember your piece. Write on!

  8. 8 WildWiseWoman February 11, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Thanks, Hillary. It’s a great idea to create our own manifesto. I see how this one tool can help me (and so many others) stay focused and in action every day.

    And bless your husband…I taught high school English and drama (and creative writing, journalism, reading, AP) for fourteen years. Suggest that he get Paul Scheele’s Genius Mind video for your daughter and his students.

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